Our coach team comes with a wide range of Local, National and International experience and all of them are dedicated and committed to getting the best out of all their students by applying their fencing knowledge and experience.

Whether its just social or competitive fencing, the team at Hawke’s Bay Blades have you covered.

Check out our classes page and see what works for you, and if you are looking for 1-1 lessons with us or one of the team, click the relevant contact links below.


Jules Congalton

Foundation Foil & Epee
Fencing Conditioning  
Strength Training

Jules has been fencing since 1985 and won the NZ secondary school championships in foil and epee.

He initially fenced in Wellington before moving to Auckland to fence with the Salle Jean Louis club. After having a break for a few years, Jules has got back into fencing in a coaching capacity.


Baz Clark

Advanced Foil, Epee & Sabre
Certified in Foil & Epee Coaching
Competition Fencing

Coach Baz has been involved in Fencing nationally for over 20 years, and been the #1 Mens Sabre fencer for no fewer than 6 years, is the reigning Oceanic Sabre Champion and has held almost every open National Sabre title at some point in the last 10 years.

In 2014 he represented NZ in the Commonwealth Fencing Championships (In Scotland) for both Senior Foil and Sabre and in 2018 he represented NZ in the Commonwealth Fencing Championships for Senior Sabre, Vet Sabre as well as being the NZ Sabre Coach.

In 2013-2017 he was the head coach for UHCFC while also being a high performance coach for the Fencing Central Region, During the last 10 years he has attended various international fencing tournaments as coach for all 3 weapons.

Finally he has coached multiple national age group champions with 3 of his students being selected to represent New Zealand Team for the Junior Commonwealth Championships.


Olly Styles


Foundation  Foil & Sabre
Foot Work Conditioning

Olly has been fencing on and off for 20 years. This began in 1998 when he picked up a foil on a whim during his orientation week at university. Probably chosen more for his banter on the minibus than overall skill with the foil, he was selected to be on the fencing squad for Royal Holloway (University of London) in his final year.

On moving to London for work, he fenced recreationally and competitively in the capital and even began to branch out from his beloved foil after being persuaded to attend an intensive weekend sabre session with UK fencing master John 'Jes' Smith.

He moved to New Zealand in 2012. Having almost given up hope of being able to fence in Hawke's Bay unless it involved a piledriver and some number 8 wire, he was heartened to read of a regional club in the local newspaper. He joined Hawke's Bay Blades in 2018.